Child & Adolescent Services


Child and Adolescent Services

Young people today often struggle with a variety of worries and concerns, and yet can sometimes present these struggles in ways that are quite different from adults. Some youngsters may verbalize these stresses and their effects as clear complaints, and may be able to talk about these issues directly in therapy. For others, however, struggles related to school adjustment, social adjustment, or family stresses may present as “behavior problems.” Very often such behaviors are an indication of underlying anxiety or depression. Typical problems that may emerge include school/academic performance concerns, social worries, substance experimentation, or family tension and communication problems.

At TEMENOS, we can provide the resources necessary to help your family cope with concerns such as these. We have the specialized training and experience in child and adolescent evaluation and psychotherapy required to understand the many pressures young people face. Our goal is to work with youngsters within a supportive relationship that fosters open and honest communication. This relationship is the foundation of “mutual understanding” and, ultimately, problem solving.