In late 1999 a meeting of six therapists was held in Dr. Frank Schwoeri’s Moorestown office on Third and Church Streets. At that first meeting we decided to become partners and to name our group the Temenos Center. We wanted to create a psychotherapy practice with an integrated, caring and relational approach, and also to provide education, peer supervision, support, and companionship to each other. We moved to 720 East Main Street in June, 2000.

Over the years, we have been professionally and personally enriched by the addition of our associates: Alican Dalkilic, MD; Vincent Leoni, PhD; Antoinette Tate, PhD; Flavia Liebel, MS, RD; Linda Cope, KHYF, and Susan Oxendine.

It has been our great pleasure to work with you, our clients, these past fifteen years. We are deeply honored by your trust in us. And Happy Fifteenth Anniversary, Temenos!

With warm gratitude,

Frank Schwoeri, PhD                               Pat Duffy, LCSW

Catherine Ambrose, LCSW                      Jane Fox, LCSW

Natasha Horsley, LPC                             Terry Hall, LPC